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If it’s blowing hot when you want it cold, it’s making noises it’s never made before, or the darn thing won’t even turn on, they’re all extremely frustrating air conditioner problems. But they’re not going to actually affect your health in any significant way – other than driving up your stress! But when you’re spotting the signs that you might have mould in air conditioner units at your place, it’s definitely time to worry.

Did you know your air conditioner could actually be bad for you? If you think about it a little longer, it shouldn’t really be a surprise – because if your air conditioner is pumping out air, how sure are you that it’s pure, clean and healthy?

Why is mould in air conditioner units bad?

If mould or bacteria has started to grow inside your air conditioner, and that air is being efficiently blown all over your home – and that’s not good at the best of times. But if you’re already suffering from allergies, asthma or other respiratory issues, things just got even worse:

  • Allergies: Even if you’re not seriously allergic to mould spores, they can still make you sneeze, cause your nose to run, itchy eyes and irritated skin.
  • Respiratory problems: Again, even with no underlying respiratory problems, mould in aircon technology can trigger quite alarming reactions. We’re talking coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath – which are obviously very big deals if you already have health issues.
  • Infections: All of us, however, are prone to fungal infections if our respiratory systems are exposed to certain types of mould. These infections can affect the sinuses, lungs and all the other systems in our bodies.
  • Toxic reactions: An alarming number of types of mould produce something called mycotoxins – and, as you can guess, it’s pretty nasty stuff. They can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea and fatigue – or much worse, unfortunately. And, unfortunately again, plenty of these mould types grow inside air conditioners – including aspergillus, black mould, penicillium and more.
  • Asthma: There are plenty of studies out there proving that exposure to mould, especially in early childhood but even in adulthood, can lead to the development of asthma – which we all know can be mild to ultimately fatal.

5 signs you need air conditioner mould removal

Are you worried your air conditioner might already be blowing mould spores directly into the respiratory systems of the people and spaces you love? If so, watch out for these 5 common symptoms:

1. The smell

If your air conditioner smells musty, that’s an early sign of air conditioner mould. And if you actually see mould, you don’t need to investigate any further.

2. Stained air filter

Often, it’s your air filter that is growing the mould – and if it’s particularly bad, it may be discoloured or stained. But especially if you can actually see visible dust blowing out of the vents, the problem has become particularly bad.

3. Feeling damp?

If the air is suddenly feeling more damp or humid, start to worry about mould.

4. Allergies

Are you suddenly sneezing, your nose is running, or your eyes and skin are itchy? Oh dear – that could be mould.

5. More serious symptoms

If your symptoms are more severe, like breathing problems, wheezing, coughing, headaches, fatigue, asthma attacks or infections such as those affecting the sinuses, it’s definitely time to investigate if mould in air conditioner units at your place is the culprit.

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Mould in aircon? We can help!

But even if your air conditioner is just not working properly, or you have a slight sore throat, the air tastes a little sour or something simply doesn’t feel right, it’s definitely time to figure out if mould could be the culprit.

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