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Samsung Air Conditioner

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Samsung Air Conditioner

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Brisbane & Sunshine Coast Samsung Air Conditioning Experts

With a global reputation for advanced technology, energy efficiency and longevity, Samsung air conditioners are now among the most popular of all across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and beyond. Need a new Samsung air conditioner installed, or are you looking for guaranteed workmanship, affordable repairs or professional servicing for your existing Samsung split system, ducted or other air conditioner type? Give us a call today right here at Air Conditioner Repair Service.

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Air conditioning technicians you can depend on

We are qualified air conditioning technicians and a family-owned and operated electrical business since 1986. Our team covers all suburbs from the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Brisbane and beyond. We can quickly attend to all suburbs for your air conditioning faults or issues.

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Need Fast Samsung Installation, Servicing Or Repairs?

  • Looking for smart features and more connectivity options?
  • Need energy-efficient heating & cooling to save on your power bills?
  • Seeking a wide range of options to fit your specific needs?
  • Interested in affordable installation and low-maintenance technology?

Have you read a 5-star Samsung air conditioner review lately? It’s a brand that is part of the incredible South Korean dawn in true innovation that can now go toe-to-toe with any other global rival, with technology that can handle our subtropical climate right here in Brisbane and beyond. It’s hot and humid in the summer and those local winter cold snaps bite hard – but our fully licensed installers and repair technicians can always quickly install or repair a Samsung aircon at your place for a price you can afford.


Get upfront pricing and guaranteed workmanship when you book one of our expert air conditioner repair technicians today!

Looking For An Innovative Samsung Split System?

Sleek, quiet and efficient – it’s no wonder every Samsung split system review talks about industry-leading cooling/warming capacity, low running costs and cool features like built-in WiFi and the innovative WindFree technology for a noticeably gentle breeze.

Samsung’s latest 2022/2023 split systems offer:

  • Five separate kW power capacities to suit even large spaces
  • Tri-Care filter technology to extract dust, fibres & animal hairs
  • Fast-Cooling mode to provide instant relief on those hot days
  • Easy Filter Plus for easy removal/cleaning & anti-bacterial coating.

Or Choose A Samsung Ducted A/C For Whole-House Comfort

For true whole-house, year-round comfort that still looks after your bank balance, consider our Samsung ducted air conditioner review for the latest range of quiet-operating, energy-efficient ducted systems with all of today’s big benefits.

Samsung’s latest 2022/2023 ducted systems offer:

  • Special made-for-Australia designs just for our climate
  • Huge range of heating/cooling kW capacities
  • Compact and splittable designs available
  • R32 refrigerant for low environmental impact.

We Supply & Install Samsung Air Conditioners Brisbane & Sunshine Coast Wide

With locally-owned Air Conditioner Repairs, you’re tapping into more than 25 years of combined air conditioner industry experience – and we’ve even seen and repaired the very first Samsung a/c window-mounted model that dates all the way back to 1974! We operate all throughout the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Brisbane and beyond, and are the truly trusted local choice for:

Air conditioner installation

Expect nothing less than a seamless, stress-free installation process for absolutely anything in the impressive range of Samsung air conditioning Australia-wide, including:

  • Split, multi-split & ducted systems
  • Cassette & DVM-VRF systems and more.

Our skilled, licensed technicians will do everything from start-to-finish for a hassle-free installation experience, including assessing your space, helping to choose the right Samsung product, handling all the connections and wiring and taking care of supply, removal and clean-up.

Air conditioner servicing

Keep your Samsung air conditioner operating at its best and most optimally efficient for years with our comprehensive servicing, cleaning, and maintenance services, including:

  • Cleaning of filters, coils & all critical components
  • Detailed inspections of all systems for potential issues
  • Ensuring proper refrigerant levels & more.

Air conditioner repairs

Because we know how frustrating, disruptive and potentially expensive it can be when your Samsung air conditioners are playing up, we’re always just around the corner for prompt, friendly & reliable service. We have all the equipment, tools & parts to diagnose the issue quickly and repair it with genuine parts to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Local Samsung Aircon Specialists You Can Trust

Did you know Samsung means ‘three stars’? Here at Air Conditioner Repair Service, the ‘three stars’ of our premium services for any and all Samsung air conditioners are guaranteed installation, life-extending maintenance/cleaning, and affordable repairs – so why not get in touch with our friendly team today?

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5-Star Reviews

We've helped thousands of residents just like you with all their air conditioner needs. What did they have to say about Air Conditioner Repair Service? Read some of our many five-star reviews to find out!

Replaced our broken old air con with new unit. Professional. Good price. Quality work.

Chay Neal

...Installed our air conditioning. Nathan and the team were fantastic...

Chris Gough

Installed split system AC - fantastic service... A+++ guys! Thank you.

Dani-ela barrat

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How long do air conditioners last?

Because air conditioners are not cheap as chips, the question of how long they last is a pertinent one. However, 'air conditioners' is a word like 'shoes' - because there are a lot of different kinds! There's ducted, split systems, portable air conditioners and many more. But for most quality systems made by reputable manufacturers, the average warranty length is somewhere in the region to 12-15 years - which is a clear indication of predicted longevity.

Realistically, though - and especially if you follow the manufacturers' maintenance schedules strictly - you can expect to get up to 25 years or more from your new unit. To boost your chances of an air conditioner that lasts a quarter of a century or more, get it installed and serviced only by highly reputable and fully licensed air conditioner technicians.

Also relevant for air conditioner longevity are:

  • Thermostat settings/general usage
  • Climactic conditions and weather exposure (especially humidity, heat & rain)
  • Air quality (ie. salty seaside locations).
Can an electrician repair or install an air conditioner?

The short answer is yes - from a legal, safety, warranty-related and investment point-of-view, you definitely need a fully licensed electrician to carry out professional installation and all servicing and repairs on your air conditioner unit.

It's important to note, however, that while electricians possess the basic skills and credentials to get the job done, specialist air conditioner technicians have the hands-on experience, deep technological knowledge and most specialised equipment & tools for true consumer peace of mind.

More generalised electrical appliance professionals are less experienced with dangerous refrigerants and may lack licensing by the Australian Refrigeration Council and the associated accredited training.

How much does it cost to run an air conditioner per hour?

It may feel refreshing on a hot day, but that perfectly cooled air definitely isn't cheap. How much it costs per hour, however, depends almost entirely on the air conditioner type, as there are vast running cost differences across the vast technological range.

What is clear is that, for most Australians, cooling and heating the air accounts for about 40% of homeowner's energy costs - and even more for those who are heavy users of ducted reverse cycle systems. More generally, the cost per hour depends on factors including:

  • Wattage
  • Energy star rating
  • Fan/system speed
  • Size/characteristics of home/rooms.

For guidance, cooling a small space with a small, efficient air conditioner can be as little as 25 cents per hour, rising to well beyond $3/hour for the aforementioned hefty reverse cycle unit in a bigger home.

Can I fix my AC unit myself?

With weekly household budgets more stretched than ever, it's tempting to wonder if you can save a few dollars by repairing your own air conditioner. If the 'repairs' involve cleaning or even replacing filters, or maintenance tasks like keeping the area clean & clear around the external unit, the answer is probably 'yes' - you can do some air conditioner repair DIY.

However, it's important not to overstep the mark and damage your system, incur much larger professional repair costs, or even terminally damage your air conditioner whilst simultaneously voiding the warranty. Before considering DIY air conditioner repair, consider:

  • Safety: Remember, air conditioners consume high voltage levels.
  • Tools: Not using specialised tools could only damage your system even more.
  • Incorrect diagnosis: All too often, amateur diagnoses of problems can only exacerbate the real source of the fault.
What is the most common problem with AC?

Air conditioners aren't just expensive upfront, the ongoing costs are significant too - and then, servicing and repairs can cost you as well! It's therefore good to be ready for the most common problems when they crop up.

The most common problem, perhaps unsurprisingly, is that when you press the 'on' button, it simply doesn't turn on. Sometimes, the solution is super-simple - like a new set of thermostat batteries. It could also be another minor problem like a tripped circuit breaker.

The next most common air conditioner problems are:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Blower/motor issues
  • Refrigerant leak
  • Damaged compressor
  • Electrical control problem
  • Blocked drain pipe/other drainage issues
  • Sensor failure.
How do you diagnose an air conditioner problem?

While you should always rely on the fully licensed and experienced services of a professional air conditioner technician, many common problems can actually be diagnosed by the homeowner.

So if you're having an issue with your system, follow these troubleshooting steps to get a head-start as to what the solution might be:

  • Is the air filter dirty?
  • Is the thermostat set correctly?
  • Are the thermostat batteries flat?
  • Are the circuit breakers tripped?
  • Have you visually inspected the outdoor unit?
  • Have you checked the air vents?

We would have also listed 'Are your refrigerant levels too low?', but certain critical issues such as this can only be attended to by a qualified HVAC electrician/technician with specialised tools and experience.

Need An Air Conditioner Technician?

For upfront pricing and guaranteed workmanship, call the air conditioning technician Brisbane & Sunshine Coast locals can rely on for fast and friendly service.

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