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When your car is due to be serviced, you do it – because it’s too expensive and important a possession to neglect. But do you feel the same way about your air conditioner? Simply by cleaning your air conditioner filter routinely, you won’t just get a longer life and more efficient operation from your critical appliance, but you’ll also be healthier.

Imagine, for a second, that when it’s chilly outside or rather warm, every single breath you take is bad for you. That’s definitely the case if your air conditioning filters aren’t being looked after. After time, all the air passing through the dirty, mouldy, filthy air conditioning filter becomes contaminated and spews germs and otherwise unhealthy air into every square centimetre of your beloved home.

How often should you clean aircon filters? Here at Air Conditioner Repair Service, we recommend a major and fully-professional air conditioner cleaning service at least once a year – but there’s absolutely no limit to how often you should be cleaning aircon filters. Here’s how:

Step 1. Turn it off

Let’s start with the really easy part – because learning how to clean aircon filters doesn’t need to be hard, does it?

Not only will simply turning it off keep you safe, it also means no more dirty air or harmful mould spores are being churned into your home’s rooms while you work.

Step 2. Remove the filter

Finding the air filter AC is no more difficult than opening the main air vent on most units and opening it up, but bear in mind that your particular unit might be housing multiple filters behind multiple vents. In any case, to access your air filters, consult your manufacturer’s manual.

Step 3. Use your hand vacuum

If it’s been a while since you even considered how to clean air conditioner filter components, you’ll find that the dust build-up is quite extreme. To deal with the really chunky top layer, the best method is using a hand vacuum – which at least will get rid of the most harmful and concentrated allergens and contaminants before you do anything else. It will also make Step 4 a whole lot easier.

Step 4. Wash it

Take your dirty air filter and head either to your laundry sink or a suitable outdoor location. If you’re using the sink, rinse your air filter under the stream of water, but do it thoroughly but still gently so as not to damage it. Then it’s just a matter of putting it somewhere appropriate to dry.

If you’re going to be even more thorough outside, you might want to use the garden hose – or even soak it in a container with some warm water and white vinegar as well, for an extremely deep and yet still gentle clean. And don’t forget to rinse!

Step 5. Re-install the filter

Your clean air conditioner filter is ready to be put back where it came from! Make sure the overdue cleaning or the process of AC filter cleaning hasn’t damaged it at all – because it rips rather easily! If it’s all good, put it back where it belongs, but first check whether the expiry date is up because a brand new filter may be in order.

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Otherwise, you’re all done!

Clean your air conditioning filter with our help

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