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It’s not a controversial claim to suggest that Queensland and Australia are rather hot. Head north and it’s also rather sticky and humid, while the highland climates – and elsewhere – easily dip into below-freezing conditions in the colder seasons. The answer, of course, is a quality modern air conditioner, which these days is considered a must-have all over the region and country. All the fundamentally different technologies and air conditioning types, however, makes selecting the perfect system for your home rather difficult.

But we’re here to help! We install, service and repair so many different types of air conditioning systems all over Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and beyond each and every day, so we’re well placed to demystify the 6 major air con types that you should know about:

1. Ducted

The fully kitted-out Aussie home is likely to have one of the ducted air conditioner types, which is perfect to cool or warm every corner of a larger home. It achieves this with a central unit that delivers conditioned air via vents and holes – known as ducts – in the walls or ceiling and circulates that air with return ducts.

2. Split system

You might call these popular types of air conditioners ‘ductless’, as there is an outdoor unit but typically a single indoor unit that is normally wall-mounted. However, multi-split systems network more than one indoor unit with the same single outdoor compressor, although a standard split system is what you need to cool just a single room or area.

3. Evaporative/reverse cycle

Owners of ducted air conditioners might tell you that their system is either evaporative or reverse cycle – with the former only cooling a house via a clever but simple and affordable process of evaporating water. Reverse cycle, on the other hand, describes any types of air conditioning system that both cools and warms a home – including both ducted as well as split systems. They work by absorbing outside air and then either cooling it with refrigerant gas or doing the ‘reverse’ for heat.

4. Window/floor

Window or floor-mounted types of air conditioning systems cover various technology iterations, but the crucial point is that they are standalone units. Window air conditioners sit conveniently (or inconveniently, depending on your perspective) in a window, and it’s perfect for a small space. Floor-mounted systems, meanwhile, sit on the floor, making them very versatile when outdoor units or the ability to locate a system on a wall are less possible.

5. Portable

Of the different types of air conditioning, portable systems are the simplest – normally because you can pick one up from a ‘big box’ department store, plug it in, and go. It’s usually no more complex than a motor that cools the air, but the more effective models will also include a method for venting any extracted hot air outside. Other ‘self-evaporative’ systems are able to deal with the production of hot air by evaporating it in the form of moisture.

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6. Smart

If you have one of the various ‘smart’ air conditioning types for homes, that word normally just refers to its capacity to be operated via an app and its overall connectivity with WiFi and the internet. The result is various forms of ingenious functionality to make life easier and keep running costs down.

Which air conditioner types do you fancy?

Whether you need a version of one of these air conditioning types supplied, installed, maintained, repaired, re-gassed, cleaned or inspected, Air Conditioner Repair Service can help! We know all the types of air conditioning Australia-wide intimately, having helped thousands of Brisbane and Sunshine Coast residents just like you for so many years. To find out now or to book in immediately, get in touch today with the friendliest team of air conditioning specialists right here at Air Conditioner Repair Service.

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