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Do you live in a home in which the ideal air conditioner temperature for one person is a little too chilly or a little too sweaty for the others? At the end of the day, whether some people are wearing a jumper indoors in summer or wearing t-shirts and shorts inside in the dead of winter, the best aircon temperature is about a little more than mere personal preference.

Why does air conditioner temperature matter?

No matter what number on that thermostatic is your personal favourite, there are a few other reasons why knowing the optimal air conditioner temperature really does matter:

  • Energy efficiency: Like it or not, there is an ideal air conditioner temperature for electricity savings. Obviously, your air conditioner is the most energy efficient when switched off, so it’s important to remember – especially as our energy costs in Australia skyrocket – that the cooler your home is in summer, and the hotter it is in winter, is going to cost you more.
  • Wear & tear: Obviously, demanding more from your air conditioner than is necessary will also unnecessarily add to your expensive investment’s wear & tear – including repair, servicing and replacement bills.
  • System performance: The temperature you set for your air conditioner can also impact its performance. If you set the temperature too low in cooling mode or too high in heating mode, your system may have to work harder to achieve and maintain the desired temperature, which can lead to increased wear and tear on the system, reduced efficiency, and potentially higher air conditioner maintenance costs.

Did we convince you that knowing the best temperature for reverse cycle heating and cooling is more important than you thought? Well, the next question is obvious:

What is the optimum air conditioning temperature?

The answer is a little different depending on whether your system is heating up the air or cooling it down because the emphasis is on getting your air conditioner to only work as hard as it needs to. Remember, it’s not a fireplace or a freezer – it’s an air conditioner. Setting your air conditioner to its extreme is therefore something you should only do if the temperature outside is quite similar to that setting.

For instance, if it’s 32°C outside, setting your air conditioner to 30°C won’t ask it to do very much. But if it’s 5°C outside and you request 30°C, you’re basically telling your system to work as hard as it can – indefinitely.

The best temperature for aircon technologies of all types also depends on your local climate, the presence of humidity, and the size and insulation of the space you’re asking to be conditioned. That being said, the ideal air conditioner temperature always depends on whether it’s summer or winter:

1. For cooling

According to Australia’s Department of Industry, Science, Energy, and Resources, the ideal air conditioner temperature for the cooling mode in summer is 24-26°C. Moreover, the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) recommends a maximum of 26°C for commercial spaces, while the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) suggests a target of 25°C.

Why is the ideal air con temp 24-26C? Based on the widely-accepted ‘comfort zone’ for most people, it’s considered neither oppressively hot nor uncomfortably chilly in just about any circumstance.

2. For heating

However, the same Australian government sources declare that 18-20°C is more than sufficient to stay comfortable and warm in the winter – even if you have to wear a jumper. But the same goes for summer, where 24-26°C will probably mean you shed that jumper and wear a t-shirt. Remember, we’re talking here about the ideal air conditioner temperature for electricity savings and the wear & tear of your system.

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It’s also important to note that some air conditioner manufacturers may recommend something a little cooler in summer (22-24°C) or warmer in winter (19-22°C) for optimal efficiency, performance and longevity, bearing in mind that there’s always a little wiggle room for your circumstances and preferences.

Need to know more about the best aircon temperature?

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