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Is it summer but you’re still sweating? It’s freezing outside – and so is your lounge room? That air conditioner not working properly is a worrying and irritating problem that you simply want to fix as soon as humanly possible – but how?

  • Air con not blowing cold air?
  • Air conditioner heat mode not working?
  • Is your unit making strange noises?
  • Seeing signs of moisture or leaks?
  • Air conditioner smelling bad?
  • Power bills suddenly sky-high?

Common air conditioner problems (And what to do about them)

Modern air conditioning is a true marvel, but it’s important to remember that it’s also a highly sophisticated piece of modern technology that sometimes needs a touch of maintenance work, servicing or a swift air conditioner fix. If you’re struggling with air conditioner problems, you just want to know what to do to heat or cool your home again in a flash.

1. Air conditioner not working at all?

You press that ‘on’ button, but literally, nothing happens. The obvious conclusion is that the connection between the unit and the electricity has been lost.


  • Check the system is plugged in
  • Check your switchboard incase a fuse has tripped

2. Filters and/or coils blocked?

Whether your unit is ‘short cycling’ (turning on and off too frequently), smelling musty or simply not working in the way you’re used to, a very common reason for that is poorly maintained filters and coils.


  • When were your filters last checked?
  • When was your unit last serviced?
  • Get filters cleaned before summer/winter peak seasons
  • Spray/wash/rinse coil filters

Getting your air conditioning professionally cleaned will not only improve its performance but also extend the air conditioner lifespan.

3. Thermostat problem

Although relatively simple technology, without a properly working thermostat your air conditioner simply won’t know what the temperature is – and what it needs to do to match your demands.


  • Is your air conditioner set to ‘auto’?
  • Only in this mode will your unit try to get to the temperature you’ve set.

4. Circuit breakers/fuses have blown

Especially if your home or wiring is getting old, blown circuit breakers or fuses are common due to electricity system overloads.


  • Check for blown fuses/tripped breakers at the meter box

5. Air con not cooling in summer?

Is your air conditioner working perfectly well to heat up your house when it’s chilly, but still continuing to blow hot air when you’re stinking hot?


  • On the control, check you have switched your unit from ‘warm’ to ‘cool’ mode
  • Typically, cool mode is denoted with a snowflake icon
  • Check the manual

6. Air con neither heating nor cooling well enough?

If your air conditioner is trying gallantly to perform as it used to, the problem could be the compressor – which is often one of the main components that quits first.


7. Outdoor unit dripping water?

While a few drops here and there are quite normal, a bigger problem with air conditioner leaks could be caused by blocked pipes, a clogged condensate pan or a broken pump.

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  • If the leak is excessive or inside your home, call a technician.

Need your air conditioner fixed in a flash?

When your air conditioner isn’t heating or cooling properly, making strange noises or smells, overheating or generally becoming more of a nuisance rather than a modern technological miracle, Air Conditioner Repair Service can help. No matter the system type, brand, model or age, we provide leading maintenance, repair and full replacement/installation services all across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and beyond. When your air conditioner is giving you a headache, give our friendly and fully-qualified air conditioner service technicians a call today!