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How long is a piece of string? That question is about as relevant as the one we’re going to take a deep dive into today: How long do air conditioners last? Well, you could be unlucky and find yourself with a dud unit within the warranty period, or you might get 3 or 4 cool and breezy decades out of the air conditioner you chose. On average, expect to get somewhere between 8-10 and up to 30 years from your system, but there are a lot of factors we need to consider for the most accurate answer. So let’s dive in!:

How long do air conditioning units last?

It’s certainly possible that if you’re reading this article right now, your air conditioner lifespan is already up and either needs to be thrown out and replaced or at least repaired:

  • If it’s not cooling or heating
  • If the airflow is weak
  • If the temperatures fluctuate
  • If it makes noises or smells strange
  • If your bills are suddenly high.

But if your air conditioner unit is still pushing out the cool air, though, you might be wondering just how much longer you might squeeze out of it. Because if it’s gone wrong and definitely needs an air conditioning repair at the minimum, it might be wiser to put that money aside in order to buy a brand new one with all the modern benefits that suit your lifestyle even better.

So how long do air conditioners last in Queensland?

Great question! Unfortunately, though, it immediately poses some quite problematic immediate sub-questions:

  • How long do ducted air conditioners last?
  • How long do ducted air conditioners last in Queensland?
  • How long do split system air conditioners last?
  • How long do portable air conditioners last?
  • How long do home air conditioners last?
  • How long do reverse cycle air conditioners last?

Point taken! But if it cost you an arm and a leg and you use it so often for both heating and cooling in many cases – so it’s only natural to worry that it’s about to give up the ghost. Without getting caught in the weeds with the list of questions we’ve posed above, what other critical factors have the biggest impact on the lifespan of your particular system?

1. What’s around it?

If your outdoor unit is near some landscaping or Mother Nature, all those twigs and leaves and other debris are definitely not good for your expensive technology.

TIP: When was the last time you did some pruning?

2. How humid is it?

Visitors to Queensland definitely remark upon the higher humidity than usual – and for good reason! In reality, it makes us Queenslanders crank up the thermostat and make our air conditioner work harder – shortening its life.

TIP: Have you thought about buying and running a humidifier or two at your place?

3. How often do you run it?

When you get a new air conditioner, think of it in the same way you think about your own life – it is limited! So if you keep running it day after day, month after month, year after year, it’s going to conk out sooner.

TIP: Do you close the curtains, draw the blinds and leap into the pool on particularly oppressive days?

4. Who installed it?

In Queensland, a licensed air conditioning technician must install your HVAC unit.

TIP: But if you shop around for truly professional and highly-professional support, a carefully tailored air conditioner installation will maximise what the manufacturer intended for their product.

5. Do you get it serviced?

You’ll notice that your air conditioner manufacturer will advise you to maintain and service your unit over time – and as your system ages, this becomes even more important for an air conditioner cleaning, a check for issues, and replacement of consumables like filters.

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